Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer Q/D

Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer Q/D


It is a standard conventional rust preventive primer which has good Anti-Corrosive, oil resistance, weather resistance and very good adhesion properties for metal surfaces with excellent drying properties. It is recommended for use on iron, steel works, machinery and automobiles. PRODUCT FEATURES: Excellent chemical resistance and bonding to the surface, Contains high levels of Zinc Phosphate, Provides long-term protection

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As a primer coating for metal roofs, metal storage tanks in oil fields, refineries, water purification plants, tunnels, sewage treatment plants and reservoir gates. Also can be used widely on iron grills, gates, manholes and metal furniture where heavy duty protection is required.


  • Excellent chemical resistance
    Ideal bonding to the surface
  • Provides long term protection
  • Contains high levels of Zinc Phosphate

Painting Guide

Finishes Matt
Coverage 7 - 8 Sq.m./liter
Drying Time Surface drying -30 minutes Hard drying -18 hours
Coats 1 or 2 coats as per desire thickness
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