Nippon Water Based 1K Wood Lacquer 60% Gloss (Exterior Top Coat)

Nippon Water Based 1K Wood Lacquer 60% Gloss (Exterior Top Coat)


Nippolac water based Exterior Top coat gives an excellent protection and enhance the natural beauty to your interior and exterior wooden surfaces such as wooden furniture, doors & windows , wooden structures, Plywood, Hardboard, Chip boards etc. It gives an excellent protection retains a natural appearance for a longer period. It has such advantages as good adhesion, easy application, flexibility and gloss retention .

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes Gloss / Matt
  • Coverage 140-160
  • Drying Time 8 Hours (Hard Drying )
  • Coats 2 coats


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More Information


  • Protects against rain & UV rays
  • Protects against salt spray from the sea
  • Does not crack , peel off  or fade
  • Excellent self  levelling
  • DIY product
  • Excellent resistance to cracking & peeling due to direct sunlight.
  • Prevents the decaying of wood


Formulated for both interior & exterior wooden furniture, wooden structures, doors & windows , plywood, hardboard, chip boards , wooden exterior fence   etc.

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